Field Hockey prowess can directly influence college choices and provide opportunities to gain admission to universities that might otherwise be a “stretch”. A key criteria from top universities is your capacity for achieving success. During the 2013-2014 school year, there were 61,471 high school field hockey participants and 5,885 college field hockey participants. In Fairfield & Westchester Counties, we have unique access to facilities and club teams but this alone is not enough to differentiate your child and place them in the 10% of student athletes that have an opportunity to play at the next level.

Through a combination of one-on-one training, access to contacts and experience at the club and college levels, FHCC Inc. will position your child for success on the field with the goal of gaining admittance to your family’s targeted universities. FHCC Inc. will guide you through the college recruiting process.



Our partnership with Educational Excellence

We are excited to partner with Nancy at Educational Excellence in order to provide our athletes with as much guidance through the college process as possible. Key services offered by Nancy are as follows:

  • A proven record for helping high school students, including athletes to significantly improve SAT and ACT scores.
  • Customized SAT/ACT and academic tutoring in accordance with each student's learning style.
  • Expert assistance with college applications and essays.
  • Tutoring and college application services provided in-office and via Skype.
  • Day-time, evening and weekend appointments. 

Contact Nancy for a FREE introductory meeting.

Nancy POlin

Nancy POlin